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Listen to your news websites, online magazines, RSS feeds and blogs - all read aloud for you with great voice & in real-time.

Finally you can listen

With Play News you can listen to news articles & updates from your favorite websites, create a personalized article playlist and even have Google search results read aloud.

+1000 Websites

Have your pick from our ever growing catalog of news sites and magazines - or request your favorite websites to be added today.

Personal Playlist

Create your own article playlist with Play News Inbox. Build an article playlist from your desktop or any other App and listen to it later.

Search & Listen

Search Google and have relevant search results read aloud to you.

What makes Play News a unique solution?

Play News makes it 1-click simple to listen to any webpage.

As soon as an article is published online you can listen to it with Play News.

  • Huge catalog.

    Have your pick from our ever growing catalog of news sites and magazines, or request your favorite websites to be added today.

  • Personal playlist.

    Build your custom article playlist by sharing articles from different online sources to Play News.

  • Superb voice.

    Integrated with professional graded "Text To Speech" for clear & natural reading voice experience.

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  • Professional Subtitles.

    Fully synced subtitles with different font size for enhanced listening experience.

  • Car ready

    Fully connected to your car's Bluetooth system, supporting both mono and stereo mode.

  • Easy to get started.

    With just one click on the 'play' button, any website is turned into an audio channel.

what people are saying.

These words motivate us even more.

Play News is the best! If you like your news read to you, this App is the one to get. No question about it. Get it!

A good travel companion. If you're a news junkie like me, you'll love this alternative to Audio Books.

Life changing. Should be compulsory for sight impaired! If only I had discovered this earlier.

Great in the car... I spend lots of time driving. With Play News I can pick the items I want read out loud instead of listening to radio news with no choice.

Build custom article playlist

Started reading an article and would like to continue listening it on the go? or planning to catch up with your favorite topics? Play News Inbox is your solution.

Share button

Sharing articles from other Apps.

While viewing an article from any App, tap the 'Share' button. In most Apps you will find it in the options menu. This will open a list of possible sharing targets. Select "Add to Play News". At this point, you should see the article title and the 'Listen Later' button. Click on 'Listen Later'.... and that's it! You are done. The article awaits you in your Play News Inbox.

Chrome Extension

Sharing articles directly from your desktop.

Download the 'Play News Listen Later' extension from the Chrome store. This will add a new Play News icon to your Chrome browser. Anytime you find an article that you would rather listen to, tap the icon and the article will be added to your Play News Inbox.

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